1. I am a figurative painter, working within a British, realist tradition. I have developed a dogmatic methodology – the core principles of my methods include working exclusively from life and accurate draughtsmanship.

      Painting as an art is an ancient, traditional practice of ritualistic behaviour. In that sense it seems timeless yet the notion exerts a duality as it is also of its time. It is because of this insight that I feel somewhat aloof to the idea of movements in contemporary art. Furthermore I consider that the practise of painting, and that of drawing, as sublime in its nature. In that respect I feel an affinity with many elements of Romanticism. therefore it is natural for me to embrace the legacy of the Romantics. It is the ultimate cultural indoctrination of mythology interpreted as Art History -which of course has amusing parallels with the Neo-classical history paintings of Jacques Louis David. Despite the rhetoric of art institutions that purport to have overcome this phenomenon, it is clear that the (pseudo) avant garde is now a phoney construct and a myth the like I imagine never foreseen by artists like Delacroix  or Turner or Blake et all. and another thing…. Joshua Reynolds is a massively overrated and actually was just another mediocre English painter.

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